SmartWeb Integrated Ontology  

SWIntO: SmartWeb Integrated Ontology

The ontological modeling for SmartWeb is based on a multi-layer partitioning into partial ontologies.

The core ontology (based on DOLCE) and domain-independent ontology (based on SUMO) establish the basic layers . The communication layer is realized by the discourse ontology which permits intrasystem exchange of semantic representations and utterance contents. The LingInfo ontology allows for linguistic annotation of classes and properties within the ontological modeling.

Application-specific world knowledge is modeled in the different domain-specific ontologies. Among these are – in the context of SmartWeb scenarios – in particular the navigation ontology and the sports ontology as well as further ontologies for the semantic modeling of additional services and associated object domains. For instance, the webcam ontology is needed for the webcam tracing service.

The ontology is developed jointly by the following partners of the SmartWeb consortium:

The RDFS ontology file can be downloaded here:

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